The PGDCA Program

The Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) is a one-and-a-half-year full-time diploma program spread over three semesters. It covers five theory papers and one practical paper in each of the first two semesters. The third semester is devoted to Project work to be done in industry.

Admission Procedure

Candidates wishing to seek admission to the program are advised to look out for the advertisement of Department of Computer Science, University of Delhi in this regard.

1. Eligibility

  1. At least 55% marks in the aggregate at Under-graduate/ Post-graduate level.
  2. Should have studied Mathematics at class XII level.

2. The Entrance Examination shall include questions on:

  1. Mathematics: 50 questions
  2. Computer Science at under-graduate level: 20 questions
  3. Logical and Ability Test: 30 questions.

3. The Entrance Test syllabus will be prescribed by the Department.


Semester I

CS 1.1 Computer Fundamentals and Programming

CS 1.2 Computer Organization and System Programming

CS 1.3 Accounting and Financial Management

CS 1.4 File Processing

CS 1.5 Database Management System

CS 1.6 Software Lab.

Semester II

CS 2.1 Operating Systems

CS 2.2 Database Design

CS 2.3 Object Oriented Programming

CS 2.4 Computer Networks & Internet

CS 2.5 Multimedia and Applications

CS 2.6 Software Lab. (based on CS 2.1 to CS 2.5)

Semester III CS

3.1 Project

Total amount payable at the time of admission (A+B): Rs.15,121.00

Note: (1) Foreign students shall be required to pay registration fee to the University in addition to other chargeable fees. A special Annual Fee amounting to US$100 (or its equivalent) is also payable to the college.

(2) Cash will be the only mode of payment.

(3) Students should claim refund of the college security deposit within three years of leaving the college.

(4) Alumni membership fees of Rs.200/- is to be paid on successful completion of the courses.

Withdrawal of Admission :No refund, except the security deposit, will be made on withdrawal of admission.

SC / ST Scholarship :Scholarships are available for eligible SC / ST students. Applications for the same should be made on the prescribed form to the college office before the end of August 2002.