The BFIA Degree Program

The BFIA program is novel in nature. It is a partly self-financed three-year professional degree program, which has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the Indian Financial Markets. Besides 30 compulsory papers spread over three years, the students are required to undergo 750 hours of practical / industrial training in different designated fields. Students are given classroom teaching in the forenoon and corporate training in the afternoon on a continuing basis. This makes the program relevant to the needs of the financial sector.

Following are the course contents of the program:

Semester I

BFIA-1 Introduction to Business and Finance

BFIA-2 Statistical Analysis

BFIA-3 Introduction to Accounting Concepts

BFIA-4 Economics for Financial Manager- I

BFIA-5 Introduction to Information Technology

Semester II

BFIA-6 Legal Aspects for Financial Manager- I

BFIA-7 Corporate Financial Accounting

BFIA-8 Economics for Financial Manager- II

BFIA-9 Financial Markets and Business Environment

BFIA-10 Financial Services

Semester III

BFIA-11 Legal Aspects for Financial Manager- II

BFIA-12 Foreign Exchange Management

BFIA-13 Quantitative Techniques in Finance

BFIA-14 Cost Accounting

BFIA-15 Computer Applications in Finance

Semester IV

BFIA-16 Banking Law and Practices

BFIA-17 International Finance

BFIA-18 Management Accounting

BFIA-19 Operations Management and Control

BFIA-20 Tax Planning for Individuals

Semester V

BFIA-21 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

BFIA-22 Corporate Restructuring and Merchant Banking

BFIA-23 Financial Markets

BFIA-24 Corporate Taxation

BFIA-25 Auditing for Finance Managers

Semester VI

BFIA-26 Strategic Financial Management

BFIA-27 Management of Financial Institutions

BFIA-28 Options and Futures

BFIA-29 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

BFIA-30 Business through Internet Technology

Note: Medium of instruction and examination is English.