The BBS Degree Program

An outstanding general management program, the curriculum for BBS is rigorous, flexible, and continually enriched with the latest developments in management theory and practice. The academic calendar is based on six semesters -each six months in duration, followed by University examinations. The first two semesters lay the basic foundation, covering core disciplines like, Statistics, Economics, Organizational Behavior, and Financial Accounting. The next two semesters build on the first two and introduce the students to topics like Market Research, Cost Accounting, Business Laws, Financial Management, and Human Resource Management. The last two semesters chiefly consist of electives depending on ones specialization. Options for specialization include Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource Development. In all, students are required to do 24 compulsory papers and 6 electives, the details of which are given on the following pages. In the BBS Program CBS enrolls a hundred and twenty students every year after a rigorous selection process, that includes a written examination modeled on the patterns now in vogue, with sections like numerical and reasoning ability, general knowledge, business aptitude and, of course, language skills.

The Summer Training Program : To prepare professionals of high caliber and to make sure that rigorous theory is backed with practical exposure, an eight to ten weeks summer placement for students in business establishments during the summer vacations has been integrated into the academic curriculum of the course. Students usually work on projects under the supervision of middle and senior level managers after which they submit a report on their achievements, work done, and findings to the college and the organization concerned. A performance appraisal by the immediate superior in the company is also obtained, to add to the student’s file, which is used to assist companies during the final placements. .

Following are the course contents of the program:

Semester I

1. Introduction to Modern Business
2. Business Statistics
3. Micro Economics and its Applications
4. Business Communication
5. Computing Tools for Business Management

Semester II

6. Organisation Behavior
7. Financial Accounting
8. Principles of Marketing
9. Applied Macro Economics
10. Computer Algorithms and Problem Solving

Semester III

11. Public Relations and Corporate Image
12. Production and Operations Management
13. Market Research
14. Cost Accounting
15. Information Technology in Management

Semester IV

16. Human Resource Management
17. Financial Management
18. Quantitative Techniques for Management
19. Legal Aspects of Indian Business
20. Introduction to Data Based Management Systems

Compulsory Summer Training for 8 to 10 weeks and report presentation

Semester V

21. Business Environment
22. Entrepreneurship
23. Specialization Paper I
24. Specialization Paper II
25. Specialization Paper III
Project Registration

Semester V1

26.Business Policy and Strategy
27.Design and Management of Information Systems
28.Specialization Paper IV
29.Specialization Paper V
30.Project submission and Seminar

Note: Medium of instruction and examination is English.