The Internet has created two worlds – virtual (online) and real (offline). However, the real power of the Internet lies in using it to connect the two worlds extensively, to make a difference in our real life – everyday life, life and self – actualisation. Welcome to the New World order – the IYC (It’s-Your-Convenience) World. Your will and convenience will rule. IYCWorld makes all these happen for you.

IYCWorld offers ASP-based (Application Service Provider) solutions to support organisations in significantly enhancing their value proposition to all the stakeholders on the back of their existing infrastructure and networks.

IYCWorld is currently focused on e-enabling India. We are, therefore, specifically dedicated to developing and maintaining comprehensive online solutions for Schools, Clubs, Business Institutions/Colleges, Housing socities, NGO’s etc. Our Solutions address both the logical architecture (How to use the Internet the best?) as well as the complementing technological architecture and solutions. One stop shop for all coustomized applications for emerging technologies for non-corporate sector.

Our solution is supported by global thought leadership among the promoters and three patent-pending (Patents filed with the United States Patent & Trademark Office) business models. This enables us to offer uniquely cost-effective and winning solutions.

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